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Contact Adhesives
Glues Direct - Buy Glues and Adhesives Online
GluesDirect offer a range of Contact Adhesives.

Contact Adhesives must be applied to both surfaces and allowed some time to dry, or if solvent based the solvent to evaporate before the two surfaces are pushed together.  This time will depend on the specific adhesive, the amount applied and the ambient conditions of the time of the application.  Once the surfaces are pushed together and compression applied, the bond forms very quickly but the total cure of the glue line can take several hours.

Guidelines for using Contact Adhesives

  1. Ensure that all surfaces that are to bonded are dry, clean and free of any contaminates.
  2. Abrade surfaces if possible.
  3. Apply an even amount of adhesive to both surfaces in accordance with the technical information supplied.
  4. Allow to 'dry' before bringing the surfaces together.
  5. Apply firm even pressure and expel and air pockets.
  6. Leave to cure before subjecting the item to any other process.
  7. Replace the lid and seal the container immediately after use.
  8. If you are using a solvent based product, use in a well ventilated area away from any naked flame or possible electrical arcing.
  9. Always follow information given on the technical data sheet and heed any warnings.
    Product Name+    
 Alpha Thixofix Dunlop Thixofix Contact Adhesive   Alpha Thixofix Dunlop Thixofix Contact Adhesive  Alpha Thixofix contact adhesive has been developed for the specific aim of making simple, the bonding of laminated plastics to wood and other substrates, whilst maintaining the well proven efficiency of ordinary contact adhesives. 
 Apollo A2344 Contact Adhesive   Apollo A2344 Contact Adhesive  Apollo A2344 is a readily brushable, fast drying, high performance contact adhesive 
 Apollo A26 General Purpose Contact Adhesive   Apollo A26 General Purpose Contact Adhesive  Apollo A26 is a cream coloured, brushable, general purpose contact adhesive 
 Apollo A3480 Two Part Adhesive System - Part A & B   Apollo A3480 Two Part Adhesive System - Part A & B  Two part high performance adhesive system 
 Apollo A3727 Sprayable Contact Adhesive   Apollo A3727 Sprayable Contact Adhesive  Sprayable, heat resistant contact adhesive 
 Apollo A52 General Purpose Insulation Adhesive   Apollo A52 General Purpose Insulation Adhesive  Specially formulated for bonding expanded polystyrene plus many other substrates. Cleaner also available 
 Apollo A8410 Sprayable Contact Adhesive   Apollo A8410 Sprayable Contact Adhesive  Apollo A8410 is a high solids, non-flammable, low pressure, sprayable synthetic rubber based adhesive designed primarily for applications in the foam conversion, upholstery and furniture industry 
 Apollo A8506 Non Flammable Sprayable Contact Adhesive   Apollo A8506 Non Flammable Sprayable Contact Adhesive  High solids, non-flammable low pressure sprayable contact adhesive 
 Apollo A8520 Non Flammable Spray Contact Adhesive   Apollo A8520 Non Flammable Spray Contact Adhesive  High solids, non flammable, low pressure, sprayable adhesive 
 Axil 1210 Contact Adhesive   Axil 1210 Contact Adhesive  1210 is a cream coloured, brushable, general purpose contact adhesive 
 Bostik 1782 Clear Adhesive   Bostik 1782 Clear Adhesive  Bostik 1782 (Clear) Adhesive is a general purpose adhesive, the dried film of which is virtually colourless and non-staining, medium viscosity and provides a strong bond which has good chemical and temperature resistance and excellent ageing properties. 
 Bostik 1GA186   Bostik 1GA186  BOSTIK 1GA186 Adhesive is a solvent-borne adhesive based on polychloroprene rubber. 
 Bostik 1GA516   Bostik 1GA516  Bostik 1GA516 Adhesive is a versatile, solvent-borne formulation based on Polychloroprene rubber. 
 Bostik 2402 High Performance Adhesive   Bostik 2402 High Performance Adhesive  BOSTIK 2402 ADHESIVE is a solvent-borne formulation based on polychloroprene rubber. It is used inconjunction with BOSTIKURE D CURING AGENT* as a TWO PART, cold curing adhesive system which hasa wide range of industrial applications. It gives strong resilient bonds which exhibit good resistance to water,heat, humidity, etc 
 Bostik 3851 Latex Adhesive   Bostik 3851 Latex Adhesive  Bostik 3851 Adhesive is used for bonding natural rubber and latex sheetint to each other and to porous surfaces such as leather, canvas etc. 
 Chemique 1279 Blue Sprayable Contact Adhesive   Chemique 1279 Blue Sprayable Contact Adhesive  Chemique 1279 is an industrial adhesive designed to meet the demands of a wide variety of adhesives. This product has been specifically developed to offer customers a simple, versatile, sprayable adhesive without the incorporation of flammable solvents. This range of industrial adhesives has been designed utilising professionals knowledge of application techniques offering customers the total package of adhesive technology. 
 EVO-STIK 18149   EVO-STIK 18149  EVO-STIK 18149 is a single component, non-flammable, sprayable foam bonding adhesive which has a long open time and excellent cohesive strength. 
 EVO-STIK 3019 Pipe Cement   EVO-STIK 3019 Pipe Cement  Provides very strong bonds in rigid PVC-U 
 EVO-STIK 3353   EVO-STIK 3353  EVO-STIK 3353 is a single component, sole attaching adhesive designed to have excellent adhesive adhesion to a wide variety of materials used in the footwear industry 
 EVO-STIK 5696 Solvented Contact Adhesive   EVO-STIK 5696 Solvented Contact Adhesive  EVO-STIK 5696 is a solvented contact adhesive which can be applied by hot or cold techniques, it has excellent hot spraying properties, is fast drying and gives a rapid build up of adhesion. 
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